Debt Management

In New Zealand, there is over $7,257,000 in credit card balances paying an average of 17.90% p.a. This is $1,299,000 in interest being paid to banks and credit card companies. We haven’t even factored in other short-term debts.

There are a variety of reasons why but it doesn’t need to be like this and it’s okay to ask for help to get in control of your finances.

If you own property we can look at effectively re-structuring your short-term debt. We don’t mean a simple consolidation but we’ll work with you to turn those high-interest expenses into a blessing to repay faster and grow your wealth quicker than you imagined.

The longer you delay paying off your short-term debts whether it be credit cards, hire purchases, car loans and store cards, the longer it takes to pay off the debt, the more it’s going to cost you in interest overall.

We’ll help you to make a solid plan to get out of debt with the right advice, tools and guidance and support – we’re here to help you get out of debt – fast.

Swimming in short-term debts?
Let us help you create a plan to get out of debt - fast.

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