The silver bullet that turns to gold.

Kiwisaver has superpowers that most other investments don’t have. Its limitations are its strengths and the value of it lies not only in its performance but in how it interplays with human psychology.

  • 3% Contribution from your employer
  • You’ll receive member tax credits up to $521.43 per year
  • You can join even if you are self employed
  • Access for first home withdrawal
  • Access in Retirement (lump sum or regular income)
  • Up to $10,000 home start grant

  • Here’s where we stand on this subject – the government do such a fantastic job at mismanaging money that if we rely on the State for financial assistance in our ‘golden years’ then those ‘golden years’ will eventually have as much gold as the current NZ$1 coin. Kiwisaver works hand in hand with your mortgage & property strategy and the more you contribute in your early years will literally pay off.

    Retirement is YOUR responsibility. Unfortunately, as a nation we’re doing a pretty poor job of it.


    At Twine Financial Advisers we want to make sure it’s not difficult. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Maximise your benefits from Kiwisaver
  • Discuss and check what fund you’re in
  • Help First Home Buyers with withdrawals
  • Review your contribution rate
  • Relationship between time, risk & return
  • Explain the jargon

  • Unfortunately it’s not a set and forget investment, so make sure you talk to us today to discuss how KiwiSaver and your retirement fit into your Mortgage Strategy. If you don’t know who your KiwiSaver fund is or you’ve never received any type of advice on this subject then it’s paramount to intertwine your KiwiSaver today.

    Are you in the right Kiwisaver fund?
    Get your Kiwisaver reviewed today