A Holistic Approach
To Financial Advice


We’re more than just Mortgage Brokers, we’re Financial Advisers.
We take a holistic approach to financial advice and we drive the conversation behind wealth creation so you can build the life of your dreams.



Client Discovery & Financial Health Check

It's all about you.

We want to get to know you and understand your needs, discuss your financial goals or help you create them and complete a full financial health check to understand your current financial situation. This session helps us to define the scope of our work and serves as the basis of our personalised advice and strategy to help you achieve your financial goals.


Manage Your Mortgage

Do you have your mortgage repayment strategy?

Your mortgage is probably one of the biggest debt you have but the good news is your mortgage doesn’t have to take 30 years to pay off.
Getting the lowest interest rates is not everything but when you couple that with the right advice and a tailored loan structure, you can pay off your mortgage sooner than you think.


Protect Your Wealth

Are you adequately covered?

Life is unpredictable but whatever surprises life has in store for you, make sure your most valuable assets are protected, including you.
It’s not about getting the cheapest insurance premium, but it’s about getting the right insurance and being adequately protected against the surprises life throws at you.


Retire With Wealth

Have you planned for your retirement?

Most New Zealander’s wealth is tied up in their family home and they may have no investment or cash savings to fund their retirement.
With the right advice, Kiwisaver could provide all that is needed to fund your retirement so you can enjoy your golden years.


Annual Review

We’ll touch base to see how you’re progressing.

We’ll meet up annually to check how you are progressing with your goals and if there any life events or changes, we’re more than happy to sit down with you and discuss ways to navigate through these milestones and adjust your strategy if required.

Why Work With Us

Our clients are our priority - We work for you, not the financial service provider

personalised & impartial financial advice as going through the client discovery step will provide us with the full understanding of your short, medium & long term goals, and your immediate needs

a broad range of financial products & services as we have partnered up with all major lenders and second-tier lenders

we analyse, research and recommend you the most appropriate product & provider suited to your circumstances and needs

we provide a mortgage reduction plan so you can get mortgage free quicker

we analyse, research & recommend you the most appropriate product & provider

regular review meetings to see how you are progressing to reducing your debts and achieving your goals

timely & professional loan application submissions which gives you a higher chance of being approved

negotiate the best terms and interest rates, fees and premiums for you

we guide you through the entire mortgage process - from underwriting to settlement of your loan to maintaining the life of your loan

connect you to our specialist insurance adviser for an appropriate unbiased risk insurance advice

we discuss your retirement plan and create a plan for you