Happy New Financial Year 2020!

Happy New Financial Year 2020!

We can’t believe how fast the financial year has gone by and we’re now already at the end of our first week of the 2020 financial year.

For those who may not know, New Zealand’s financial year starts from 1 April and ends the following year 31 March. For example; the 2020 financial year starts from 1st April 2019 and ends 31st March 2020.

So, what does your 2020 financial year look like? Have you started planning?

If you are a business owner or a self-employed contractor and you are planning to purchase another property (family home or investment property), to renovate, to do a development, top-up or to refinance. From the lender’s perspective, your 2018 accounts are only valid until 31st July 2019, so it’s best to get your 2019 accounts ready sooner rather than later. Especially if you know that your 2019 year was an improvement from 2018.

We can help you review your new borrowing capacity so that you can start planning for what you want to achieve this year and when the right opportunity comes, you are ready to take action! Not only that

  • It makes financing a breeze
  • It takes the time pressure away
  • You can review your new borrowing capacity and start planning what you can do to achieve your goals this year
  • Gives you a competitive advantage over other buyers
  • We have officially moved!

    In other news, we’re very excited to announce that we have officially moved to a new office in the Albany Business Park. Our first day was on Monday 1st April 2019, so it was a great way to celebrate the new financial year! If you want to book a meeting with Eugene or just want to pop in to say hello, then we’d love to see you here!

    Our new address is Suite C, 2H/5 Ceres Court, Rosedale, Auckland.

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